Date: Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

A quiet day at the Watch Point, with some nice play-fighting by the juveniles. 

Weather was overcast and breezy but warm.


9.30 Two juveniles are play-fighting above the watch point. They then head off South West.

9.50 YS arrives with prey lands on the nest box. 

9.55 GA arrives and lands 3 crockets down on the East side.

10.22 YL joins her sister in the nest box. 

10.38 L7 lands on the golden bales.

11.07 GA leaves her perch and heads North, followed by the male who apperas from the North West.

11.10 GA flies high above the watch point.

11.19 YS hops down to the crocket below the nest box. 

11.38 L7 flies off West.

12.05 YS flies off South.

12.27 L7 lands 3 crockets down on the South side.

13.22 The male returns, lands on the nest box, then flies off East.

13.40 YS flies off.

13.48 The male returns to the nest box.

13.51 A juvenile lands 3 crockets down on the East side, beside L7.

14.05 The male flies East again, then returns to the nest box and perches on the overhead camera.

14.19 GA and a juvenile are seen flying over the South of the close.

14.26 The male flies off East.

15.46 The male lands on the golden bales.