Date: Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

Not much to report today, as the weather was drizzly, cold and overcast, so the peregrines were keeping a low profile.

9.30 GA is incubating. The male is 10 crockets down on the South side of the spire.

10.39 The male hops to the left crocket next to him.

11.34 No change.

11.47 Male stoops at a gull to the North, then he returns to the middle window crocket on the left side.

12.03 Male flies to the nest, feeds GA and the chicks briefly, then takes the leftover food and flies to the 4th crocket down from the top.

12.05 GA feeds the chicks.

12.18 GA covers her chicks.

13.00 No change.

14.00 No change.

14.34 Incubation change over! GA leaves the nest and heads South East to go hunting. Male takes over nest box duties and feeds the chicks.

14.39 GA returns with a pigeon but a gull mobs her en-route. She manages to get to the North side of the spire with her prey. The gull bitterly moves on.

14.45 Male leaves the nest and the lands on the North side of the spire, GA then flies around the cathedral close with her clutched prey. The male returns to the nest and covers the chicks. GA lands on the golden bales and starts plucking.

15.33 Incubation change over! GA feeds the chicks with plucked pigeon. The male lands 2 crockets down on the South side of the spire.