Date: Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

While the weather today was certainly not great (sunny spells broken up by hail and light rain) there was still plenty to see at the watch point. Both our peregrines endured and remained protective of their young chicks.

9.30 GA is incubating. Male is 2 crockets down.

10.09 The male flies West.

10.25 Male lands 5 crockets down on the plucking window.

11.00 No change.

11.19 Male flies to the North East side of the spire.

11.20 Male looks in the North East larder for the food, then flies empty taloned to the nest box. He picks up some debris food in the box and passes it to GA, who takes it to the golden bales. The male feeds the chicks with more debris food in the box. All the chicks are being fed well and evenly.

11.25 GA flies back to the box with food and helps the male feed the chicks.

11.40 The male is 2 crockets down, while GA resumes incubation.

11.50 The male flies off.

12.00 No change.

13.10 Male returns and lands 2 crockets down.

13.16 Male lands in the South roundel, second from the left.

14.00 Male flies around the spire and lands 3 crockets down.

14.02 GA calls to the male who does not respond, so she carefully reverses off the chicks and feeds them with food from the nest box.

14.53 The male flies to the box with some food and feeds himself.

15.05 The male takes the leftover food and lands on the North side of the spire.

15.08 The male lands back in the roundel for shelter from the rainy conditions, then flies to the crocket below the plucking window. He then moves to the ledge of the plucking window and stays there throughout the weather.

16.00 No change.