Date: Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

A short and quiet blog today from the watch point. YS was seen again on the crenellations, looking out at the world. She is fine under the watchful eye of GA and the male. The other chicks were wing flapping and getting ready for the jump in this week to come!

Weather was breezy with sunshine!

9.50 GA is 3 crockets down whilst the male is 5 crockets above the nest.

10.41 Male flies off to the West.

11.00 GA hops around to the North side of the spire.

11.29 GA reappears on the South side, 2 crockets down.

12.16 GA flies off to the West.

12.21 GA returns and lands 3 crockets below the plucking window.

12.27 Male is seen flying around to the South East.

12.53 GA flies to the South West. The male passes food to her and both birds fly off to the East.

13.00 GA returns and lands on the golden bales with pigeon prey and plucks it. The male lands 2 crockets down.

14.10 GA flies down to the nest box to feed chicks.

14.14 The fledged chick YS hops on to crenellations to have a look at the world for a brief moment and then hops down again.

14.19 GA flies off to the South East.

14.26 Both adults are seen flying around the spire and then out of sight. They are then seen flying off to the East.

14.40 GA returns and lands 3 crockets down on the East side.

15.00 Male returns with food to the nest box and feeds the chicks.

15.10 Male flies off and lands 5 crockets down from the nest.

15.15 Male flies off West.

15.31 Male returns and lands 2 crockets down on the East side whilst GA disappears.