Groups & Friends Forms

Policies adopted by the Trust for all Branch Groups and Friends Associations - April 2018


Download this file (General health and safety information for volunteers v2.pdf)Health & Safety for Volunteers[Health & Safety for Volunteers]141 kB
Download this file (Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy ver 201804.pdf)Safeguarding and Vulnerable Adults Policy[Safeguarding and Vulnerable Adults Policy]215 kB
Download this file (Volunteers - Diversity Religious Observance v2.pdf)Diversity & Religious Observance Policy[Diversity & Religious Observance Policy]117 kB
Download this file (Volunteers Sign Up Form Branch Group_v3.pdf)Groups Volunteers Registration & Consent Form[Groups Volunteers Registration & Consent Form]225 kB
Download this file (Volunteers Social Media Policy v2.pdf)Volunteers Social Media Policy[Volunteers Social Media Policy]124 kB